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Serveno Holdings founded in 2011, headquartered in Australia is a global enterprise specializing in information and communications engineering, telecommunications consulting and business solutions that deliver real results to businesses, ensuring a level of quality services.



We offer Engineering Field Services, Telecommunications Engineering, business solutions and services including Engineering Project Consultancy, Complete Business Solutions, business software development, Spatial Data Engineering, Geospatial Engineering, Professional Services, Vendor Partnership, Business Process Outsources (BPO) through its unique delivery model for clients. Read more..


Anfactor AI is a combination of Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Artificial Intelligence (AI). It’ll Interact with the user/customer and answers their queries on a regular chat interface.

It would be able to answer all general questions of our customers/users, without the need of any human involvement. Read more..


Genofax is shaping the future of accessible digital health combining sequencing technology and artificial intelligence (AI). Sequencing technology determines the detailed genetic information of our gut microbiota and AI can integrate those massive data to develop a personalised health profile.

Genofax aims at developing personalised probiotics through the holistic approaches combining the latest technologies. Read more..


Talent Torrent is an innovative platform for Jobs, Experts, Hiring, Training and Professional Networking. Our vision is to bring all talented technology professionals and businesses under one umbrella globally.

This will assist expert networking, learning and earning. Recruiters can hire any expert directly and cost-effectively. Read more..


Teleaus Cloud is a cloud solution provider company, which is partnered with Amazon, Microsoft and Google; the leading giants of the cloud computing industry. It provides services to its customers like: cloud consultancy, helping them bring their on-premise system to cloud, with cloud migration.

Teleaus Cloud is also partnered with distributors like Rhipe Solutions and acts as a re-seller of various cloud services like: Microsoft CSP and products of other cloud service providers. Read more..


Temscore can help to manage customer payments, track expenses and business profile also included HR management system.

Temscore is a complete office management software which helps you to manage your business in a better way. Read more..


TEMS is a realtime monitoring system for electronic elements. TEMS helps to track and manage electronic elements. Also can generate realtime reports send instant email/sms notification.

Anyone can monitor their electronic elements from any where in the universe, they don’t need to visit physical location to know what’s happening with the elements. Read more..


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